BBC can provide the following Business Services:

Low Cost Mentoring for New Businesses

  • Centre staff can assist with the provision of expert mentoring in the establishment and operation of a new business.

Low Cost Business Planning Advice

  • Centre staff can arrange for diagnostic assessment of individual small businesses, followed by expert business planning advice that meets the needs of the small business.
  • The Centre will assist small businesses with networking opportunities, preparing business plans, assessing and improving supply-chain management, e-commerce take-up, information technology and broadband, succession planning and creating security for the business over leased premises or intellectual property.

Loans and Banking

  • BBC staff will assist with a referral for a range of banking services for small business.

Marketing Plans

  • BBC staff will assist in the provision of marketing plans, promotional opportunities and advertising.

Legal and Accounting Services

  • BBC staff can assist with a referral to an accredited Legal and/or Accounting Practitioner.

Leasing Guidance

  • BBC staff will assist with the provision of advice on leasing and retail tenancy.

Government Regulation

  • BBC staff can refer small business owners to the appropriate Government department to ensure they comply with all tiers of Government.

Staff Training

  • Where there is significant new Government legislation passed that effects small business, BBC staff will assist with the provision of training programs for SME owners.

Women in business

  • Women are an increasingly important part of Australia’s enterprise culture. BBC staff will assist this client group to further their business objectives, as well as tailor its BEC programs to cater for the needs of women.

One-Stop Shop

  • Where possible BBC will provide a one-stop, low cost advisory service to new or expanding businesses.


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