We can help in many ways

Following is an example of how the BBC provided a service which helped a local Ballarat business.

Brett Davis wanted to start up his own Town Planning consultancy business. He decided to contact his local Business Enterprise Centre for advice. Brett contacted the BBC where the manager and Brett agreed to meet. Brett was asked to bring relevant business information to the meeting.

Assessment of the Business

During the initial one-hour interview it was suggested that the BBC could provide a hand to set up Brett’s new business.

The BBC were able to provide legal, bookkeeping, marketing and website assistance by referring Brett to our team of expert consultants.

Alliance with other Professionals

A meeting was then set up with the various expert consultants who each spent time talking and assessing the needs of Brett’s Town Planning business.

Advice on a Marketing Plan

Shortly after, Brett returned to the BBC to inquire about a marketing and strategic plan for the next 12 months. The Eureka BBC contacted an expert business coach to provide this assistance.

Coaching and Monitoring

Now that the plan has been prepared and action points confirmed, Brett continues to liaise with the business coach. He receives advice and is monitored on his progress.

The assistance of the BBC has made it possible for Brett to receive expert advice in the early stages of his business set-up and avoid the pitfalls that so often plague new businesses.


Brett now receives invitations to networking opportunities, business breakfasts and training information.

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